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I have been lending my services to a diverse array of corporate, public and non-government sector clients since 2017, working with high profile clients such as the United Nations Population Fund.


With my interdisciplinary skillset and experience, I have delivered  highly refined and impactful work in communications strategy and design, research and data visualisation. 

I have been at the forefront of advancing Sri Lanka's data digitalization and statistical communication landscape, collaborating with clients such as the German development agency (GIZ) and the Department of Census and Statistics Sri Lanka.

A communications strategist, researcher and data analyst operating from Colombo, Sri Lanka.



Dual honours with distinction in Computer Science and Business Administration 

University of Kent in Canterbury, UK

Master’s in Development Administration and Planning with distinction from University College London.

University College London, UK

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, German Development Agency (GIZ)

University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development is an international development charity (CAFOD) 

Department of Census and Statistics, Sri Lanka

Information and Communication Technology Agency, Sri Lanka (ICTA)



Communications strategry, design, branding and visual identity development 

I specialise in crafting communications strategy, identifying pathways to reach audiences, and developing print, digital and interactive media for projects and brands.


Data Visualisation and Data Driven Design.

Infographics, Dashboards, Interactive Infographics, Explainer Videos and Animated Infographics (2D),  


Concept to deployment digital asset development

Development of full scale, ready-to-deploy mass communication products for the web, specialising in data dissemination, advocacy and learning.


Qualitative and Quantitative Research with Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation 

Turnkey research projects from research design to policy and communication.

Let's talk!

Or reach me on +94 71 617 6663


10.00 AM - 10.00 PM Colombo Time


Find me on linkedIn


Communications design and  digital asset development

  • Development of full-scale, ready-to-deploy mass communication products for the web, with a specialisation in data dissemination, advocacy, and learning, using cutting-edge digital technologies and tools.

  • Conceptualisation, creation, and management of content across a wide array of digital tools and channels, including videos, interactive content, and other multimedia formats, ensuring effective engagement and knowledge sharing with diverse audiences.

  • In-depth communications research and usability analysis for medium to large scale digital deployments, identifying user needs, pain points, and opportunities for improvement, and applying best practices and industry standards to enhance the user experience and impact.

Data Analysis and Data Visualisation

  • Data analysis and visualisation with R, Tableau, Chart.JS, SPSS  

  • Communicative data visualisation with animations, interactive web features and infographic design 

UX and Visual Design

  • With Adobe Creative suite and Serif Affinity 

  • UX and UI Design with Tumult Hype and Figma

  • Publication design 

Research and analysis 

  • Qualitative and Quantitative research methodologies 

  • Ethnographies, field research and participatory research methods 

  • Policy research and comparative policy studies

  • Reporting and consultation on Monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning 

Brand Design and Brand Development 

  • Market research driven brand development

  • Copywriting, voice and tone guides

  • Production of Brand guidelines and brand standardisation tools.

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