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Department of Census and Statistics, Sri Lanka

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Brand Guidelines and Publication Style Guide 

Guidebook/Branding /Design

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Assessing and Improving the Data Visualisation and communication capacity of the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS), Sri Lanka. 

Inception Report 

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Proposed strategies for online data dissemination, presentation, storage and monetisation.

Strategy Brief

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Training Material : Getting started with standardised DV tools for DCS

Tutorial / Data Visualisation /Design

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Training Material : Creating content for Social Media for DCS

Tutorial / Data Visualisation /Design

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Training Material : Visualisation Design for the Web with Chart.Js

Tutorial / Data Visualisation /Design

Skills for Inclusive Growth

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Enhancing Women's Entrepreneurship and Employment Opportunities in the Tourism Sector Through Information Technology  

Scoping study / Intervention design

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Concept Paper : A study on existing and potential avenues for IT based entrepreneurship for women and women with disabilities in the tourism industry

Concept Paper

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Data Package - Women owned businesses and corporate buyers, bridges and gaps data

Data analysis / Data visualisation

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Data Package - COVID-19 impact on tourism industry 

Data analysis / Data Visualisation

Family Planning Association 

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Understanding current public perception & attitudes towards abortion in Sri Lanka

Survey Design 

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